"I was here, but I disappear..."

This is the final post at the Blogspot iteration of No Condition Is Permanent. As my week now encompasses a radio show, with its attendant hype, podcasts, playlists and potentially irksome graphics, I felt a new version of NCIP-as-blog was required to reflect the newly hatched preoccupation.

To describe my entries over the last few years as sporadic is putting a polite spin on it. I don't even know how lengthy the latest gap between posts had been. Comets reappear in a more dependable fashion. This summer, trying to revive the blog (again) with the two latest album uploads, I couldn't help but notice how devolved Blogger's authoring tools have become in recent times. So I've migrated to Wordpress, which is where you may now find No Condition Is Permanent.

I'll continue to exhume and dust off vinyl for your downloading enjoyment and will port over several of the albums previously featured here. As mentioned, the playlists, archived episodes and sundry errata relating to my web-radio show also will be posted.

As I'm stepping off of one virtual stage and onto another, I'll take a moment to apologize to any readers frustrated by my aperiodic entries. Ordinarily I wouldn't see that changing, but with the show I now have a weekly Saturday evening obligation. This differs from a weekly paper route only in that the kids with the canvas shoulder bags make more money than I will. Which may instill something like regimented behavior. I anticipate a greater engagement with the blog than in years past...maybe.

Please visit the new site and check out the radio show while you're at it. These things, past and present, are all of a piece. I'm reminded of the irked audience member, heard between tracks on Neil Young & Crazy Horse's live set, Year Of The Horse. The punter yells, "They all sound the same." Quick on the uptake for an inveterate stoner, Mr. Young responds, "It's all one song."

Be seeing you,
Count Reeshard